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Originally Posted by Tonberry View Post
I didn't mean this was the only reason I can see how when there is nobody you have in mind, it can seem pointless to bring it up, it just seems easier for the partners because they don't have the fear that what you want is leave them for the other person.

I just wanted to point out how your husband might feel about it, I do realise you didn't plan it all or tried to go behind his back, but it's quite possible that he'll feel that way, so it's good to be ready in case he does
Thanks for that. I've been thinking about your 1st reply all evening, and I am planning to talk to him gently, and soon. And, I will do it when we are most relaxed and comfortable together, which will probably be after a couple of drinks

And after bringing it up that way, I'm sure we'll additional, more sober conversations about it. I guess I just feel like the 'breaking the news' convo might go better if he's as relaxed as possible, ykwim?

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