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Default Pretty sure I'm poly...

Hello! So here's the long story short.

I am a very loving person. I often find I have way more love and attention to give to others than they can handle. I've been interested in poly for at least a couple years, but I don't think my hubby is into it.

I've tried to talk to him about it a couple times, but not really seriously. I'm wondering if he is saying he's not into it because he thinks it'd mean me stepping out more than him or something. TBH, he probably wouldn't find someone else, at least not right away, and I kinda already have someone in mind (he's up for being with me, knowing I'll stay with my hubby).

So my first question is, how do I have this talk with him ~ I need real, serious advice on this one. He's usually in a better mood when he's drinking/stoned, is that a legitimate time to bring it up. Because honestly, I think it'd be best that way...

My second question is about myself. The thought of someone I love sleeping with someone else kinda makes me feel a little icky. But I think maybe it's a self-confidence thing, like if I had more faith in myself and how awesome I am, I wouldn't mind it, because I'd know in my heart of heart that no one can love someone else the way they love me.

So how do you get past those feelings?

Thanks in advance
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