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I just tried watching the first episode of Polyamory: Married and Dating (we taped it at a friend's request), and could barely get through it. If it had been a full hour, I wouldn't have been able to.

The best way to describe this show is as the "16 and Pregnant" of polyamory. I wasn't aware that it was classified under "late night" Showtime, or else I might have gotten a clue.

The show is nothing more than a puerile soft porn erotic attempt at a romp, and a rather unsuccessful one at that, with drama thrown in for additional bad measure. Explicit shots of group sex abound (at best, questionably real), and of course all the participants are toned, rock-hard eye candy who have the brains of five-year-olds when it comes to communication.

The show was obviously written for a target audience of drunk horny teens, or mindless adults, who love such drively drama. Other comparable shows are "Cheaters", "Fifth Wheel", and Jerry Springer. And have just about as much connection to actual polyamory as the other shows, or sitcoms, connect to real life.

So honestly...unless you're in the mood to laugh at sheer absurdity or enjoy silly soft-core porn stuff...skip this program. You're not missing anything.
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