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Originally Posted by Vinccenzo View Post
Yeah I got that out of it a bit too. More like "he will still love you only like a sister so to have a shot at keeping him, you'll have to accept him having sex with other women and hope he appreciates it enough to stick around otherwise you're slowly neutering him and guaranteeing a sexless life for you both".
Nope, that's not what Sex at Dawn is about.

Its main argument is that human biology strongly suggests that humans as a species are evolutionarily non-monogamous. Meaning that BOTH men and women probably had multiple sexual partners during the early phases of human prehistory (and later).

In fact, most of Sex at Dawn focuses on the theory that men evolved to share female partners with other men, and that WOMEN evolved to have multiple partners.

The book's main theme is to contradict the generally held belief that a female human's "biological strategy" is to be monogamous while a male human's strategy is to seek as many females as possible.

I like the book a lot. As someone with a strong anthropological background, I have to disagree with the comment from someone who objected to the idea of books that argue general theories on anthropological grounds. Sex at Dawn has some really interesting theories to offer.
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