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I get to see rory today, woohoo! I'm really really happy about that. Today I'm going to introduce her to Bob and a friend of mine who is visiting my home town this weekend.

This last couple of months I've had the most active social life that I think I've ever had. It's been crazy. Right now I feel a bit emotionally drained. Most of my friendships are deep and loving, so it takes quite a lot of work to keep them that way, especially when there's quite a few of them. Some of these friendships include kissing and other types of closeness from time to time, but not sex (except with Bob). Right now I feel like I should stop making out with my friends, at least for a while. The consequence of kissing them is that they sometimes suggest or hint about sex. And I usually don't want to go there with them. There's been two cases like this recently. The reason to say no depends on the friend. One I'm not attracted to that way. The other one is hot but I've seen several friendships of hers break after they had sex and she developed romantic feelings for the other person, but to them it was just-for-fun-sex, so she couldn't handle it and go back to being just friends. I don't want that to happen to us, I want to keep her in my life as a friend. Sooo.. I feel like lately I've had way too many talks and thoughts about who wants what from me and what do I want from them. It's exhausting. First with Bob and now a couple of friends. I think I want some peace in my life and this not how to achieve it.
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