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I think I need to let this thread die and resurrect it a few months down the line so you guys can see what happened. I'd especially like to thank and annabelmore and Nycindie. You both offered critical but constructive feedback and helped me through this process. I don't think this horse needs to be beaten in public
OP Update!

So a few months have passed and I'm ready to report what happened:

The board suggested that I put my foot down and let my wife and Ahmed know that their relationship is just a train about to fly off the track into some serious emotional pain because everything was just too incompatible. Well, I did that! Putting my foot down didn't break them up but it caused my wife to seriously consider the future and to search herself. Ahmed wasn't capable of this at all. After she started prodding him to answer questions about their diverging life goals, new revelations came out.

It turns out Ahmed has had an online Saudi girlfriend (met once, families support the union) for 4 years. My wife was hurt that he hid this from her. The girlfriend was hurt when she found out too. Secondly, it was uncovered that Ahmed has a serious problem with internet pornography and has "cybered" with over 1000 women (so he claims). Psychologically, he has learned that he can treat women as sexual tools he can put up when he isn't interested. When my wife wanted to hang out, he would sit and play video games but when he was horny you can bet he was interested in sexual activities. Things broke down pretty quickly after this and they split up in May 2012. He is still a virgin today so he isn't damned by his religion.

Still, I have learned A LOT from this experience. I got two hot threesomes out of it and we are much closer and secure because of it. We have taken a step down and are going to try swinging in the fall (which is what I really wanted). She has found a couple and she thinks the girl is hot and insists that I experience another partner... and I am definitely interested .

Oh yeah; one cool thing about polyamory is when she broke up with him I got to keep all his video games and stuff that he left over at our place. Boo ya!

Sorry to bump a thread from page 8 but many of you posted and deserve credit for this turning out so well. Thank you to everyone who posted!

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