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Feeling hopeful and positive. A neighbor of mine who knows a lot about all my trials and tribulations in dealing with my divorce, finances, and job searching, came in to where I work yesterday. I started this job about three weeks ago, and she had stopped in a few days ago as well, and we had chatted briefly that day. Anyway, yesterday she said, "You look great! I haven't seen you smile in so long." She said she even told a mutual friend of ours that she saw me and that I finally looked happy. Even though it's just a crappy, low-paying, part-time job, it has made a difference in my outlook. I think just having somewhere to go, feeling useful, and connecting with people several times a week, is part of why so many men have been interested in me lately. It's true, I wasn't smiling for a long time. And I got my first paycheck yesterday - it wasn't as bad as I expected.

I still need to find more work in order to support myself, but she really made my day by telling me that.
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