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I have three small tattoos, with a fourth planned for when I get the money to start it. My first is my mom's name in Chinese. I have her name because she died when I was four and its in Chinese to unify it with my roommate's tattoo she got at the same time. We wanted matching tattoos but for them to be unique. The second is on my left wrist and it's three stars. My high school bestie and I got them done together before she moved cross the country. My right wrist has 'punk rock princess' as a bracelet with Mario stars and a treble cleft. It was my anniversary present from my hubby, it's our song, the treble cleft for music and the Mario stars for video games since we are both into music and games. My fourth one is going to be birds starting at my elbow and twisting winding up over my shoulder down diagonally across my back, down my side, onto my stomach and than down below. It will have three quotes from the novel 'the awakening' by Kate Chopin.

I also have my ears double pierced, my belly and a VCP. I had my nose and lip done at separate times in my life and would like to have one or the other done again as well as my getting my nipples pierced, maybe because owwwwww :-)
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