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Originally Posted by dingedheart View Post
I would definitely steer him here.....let him read all the stories and perspectives.

The journey to figure who or what you are does change upon the arrival of children ....( it did for me anyway )... which is why I asked the question
Hi! This forum is definitely helping me a lot, so it might be good for him to just read through some of the entries here whenever he gets a chance. I've been a serial monogamist most of my life and only in these past two years have I started thinking if my serial monogamy and "on the side" habits were actually indications of me being poly. Google led me to this site and it's been very helpful since. I've also met a brilliant young man, who has opened my eyes to this lifestyle. It's a learning process, and mistakes will be made... but one thing I LOVE about people who embrace this lifestyle is how open the communication and honesty is.

If you have communication and honesty, and you fight not to lose the love you feel... this could work.

Good luck and it's good to 'meet' you here.
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