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Being your own primary is a great goal to always keep in mind, especially when relationships become chaotic or confusing. BTW, I got that idea from Redpepper. Oftentimes, if I get caught up in feeling needy, clingy, lonely, or desperate, I hear Redpepper's voice in my mind (or, at least the voice I imagine her having - I've never met her so haven't heard her speak!) saying, "Be your own primary, be your own primary." It helps!

I am definitely not the type of person who needs daily contact. But I don't think that needing daily contact in and of itself indicates co-dependency or neediness, but if you feel bereft without it or like your day is incomplete, then it could very well be useful to question why you depend on it so badly. It is good that you are looking at these things, asking yourself what you want and why, and figuring out ways to be happy and secure in yourself. Even if nothing in your situation looks different outwardly, all your inner work will benefit you.

Also, thank you for what you wrote in your message to me.
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