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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
Turtle-I agree!
In my perfect world, we'd actually have a large piece of property with multiple homes on it or a triplex.
Because that would allow a bit more autonomy.
But-I think that would be more realistic when the kids are grown. Right now, the kids really benefit from all of us being under one roof so that they can get to whichever adult it is that they need in a moment.
A little hobbit community could be nice ;-) A large earth bermed dome as a community house, surrounded by several smaller yurts. For now, my wife's bf is encouraging us to pick a bedroom in his house to make our own so we'll be more comfortable spending a couple days at a time there. He lives in a duplex by himself at this point, so plenty of spare room. It's possible that having a way for Ginko and I to focus on each other more even while being near J will make polyamory sufficiently doable for us.

The simplest (but not most cost effective) route to living nearby while maintaining autonomy that I see would be renting apartments in the same complex. Everyone would be in easy walking distance of each other while having their own space and being able to easily move if/when they need to. Another possibility we like would be to have a small RV such as a Sprinter Van or maybe even a little Transit Connect as a base that we park outside the house of whoever we're visiting.
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