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Default Grey Nomads in Australia

I hope this is an International forum, otherwise no-one will understand my accent. Mywife and I have been together for over 35 years, but ten or so years ago the sex stopped altogether, for medical reasons (heard that one before?). So to release is from the repressive restrictions of a standard marriage, we upgraded our marriage to a polyamorous one, thus freeing us to live a more open and relaxed lifestyle. We'd love to chat with others who have similar problems, but I'll put that elsewhere on the forum. My wife is asexual, but I am not. I am a 55 yr-old man operating out of a 76 yr-old body damaged by a mot6or-cycle accident in 1956 and a stroke in April 2012, which presents a few problems, but most of the rest of the equipment is in good working condition, and ready to do so.
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