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Hello everyone, it has been a long time since I posted. It has been a very busy 7 months. Not much has been going on poly wise until recently. M has found a potential partner for some of his fetishes and for the bi side of his nature. I have found a potential straight partner. We will be meeting tomorrow to see if we have any chemistry.

M has decided that he doesn't want to be involved at the beginning anymore. He realized that he puts out a jealous husband vibe subconsciously and it makes me very uncomfortable so I am unable to relax and get to know the new person without feeling guilty if I am not paying them equal attention. We still want to try a threesome at some point and M2 is open to that and understanding that our marriage comes first in this.

He is only 25 and does want to have kids someday and so we are both aware that it may be a short term relationship unless whoever he meets to have children with is open to a poly relationship. He says that he is not ready to fully settle down for years so we'll see how it goes. N is now attending dental assistant school and has a potential new love interest M3.

The kids are doing well for the most part. B needs a consult for some cavities that may or may not need to be crowned. She didn't tell us that her teeth hurt and she stopped brushing those 2 teeth. They are the same tooth on both sides. She is doing well with her school work and has progressed to a high school working reading level and an 8th grade leisure reading level.

Q is being tested for a metabolic disorder. His blood panels came back inconclusive but with several markers elevated so he will be having an Organic Acids test done in the next week or so and we'll get the results on August 21st at his follow up Endocrine appt for his growth. He has fallen way off of his height curve in the past year.
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