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I haven't had children yet, although I plan on it in the future. I guess for me its strange to hear about people who aren't open to their children, since I can't imagine hiding that or being able to. I know my situation is very different from most though. I live with my three partners, and they are a very big part of my every day life. I agree when people say that it may just not be a child's business to know about their parents sex life. That said, if the relationship is long term, and focused on love and not just sex, I would definitely be open with my child about the partnership. For me, not to share that I am with that person and love them would be as unnatural as not sharing that I love or loved the child's father, even if that father was no longer in our lives. I realize it is different for a lot of people, especially when other relationships may not be as serious, a live in relationship, a long term thing, and so on. I just look forward to raising children in a loving poly household where they have a whole group of adults to look after them.
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