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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
Most of your relationship has been "ho-hum?" But now that the kids are grown, a fire has been lit, your sex lives revved up, you're engaged and poly?

Your fiance has a gf and you are involved with his gf's bf? And he thinks that dude is cooler than him? Is his gf (who is also the "cool" guy's gf) cooler than YOU?

Why is your fiance's self esteem so low?
Yes, we started working on our relationship about 18 months ago and we're in a whole new phase. It was like rediscovering one another. I think our relationship is better than it's ever been now.

My fiance has a gf, but the whole relationship is very new and things are uncertain yet, so he has a lot of insecurity about that.

I am not involved in his gf's bf. I am interested in another man. He thinks both men have elements that push the cool factor up.

Is his gf (who is also the "cool" guy's gf) cooler than YOU?
Please! LOL, just kidding. She's pretty cool. She's a doctor. She loves the arts. I'd date her. LOL. But she's also nice and interesting. She's a good person. She's nothing to sneeze at.

Am I intimidated? Maybe on some small level, but I rarely examine that, because hey, who would give up me doing their laundry?! Or me in bed? Or me making them laugh? Or me making them laugh in bed about their laundry? I can only be me. He can find that enough or not. I am going to do my damdest to be the best me I can be! Just sayin'.
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