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Originally Posted by BrigidsDaughter View Post
I have several friends who do not have computers at home or access to the internet on anything other than their phone. I recently had to start using an older phone from 3 years ago and texting has become a nightmare once again just because I do not have a keypad on that phone. It sucks, but even my semi smart phone only gave me a tiny little line of visible space in which to type online. So once that sentence passed out of view it was incredibly difficult to correct it. Even now, this website is telling me that texting is not a word, so I can't imagine how auto correcting phones manage to make any sense at all.
I sympathise. There have been times when I've been stuck with a phone or a very basic computer, and it is difficult and frustrating to try and write a long post. For me though, it's worth taking the extra time to (laboriously) scroll back and check and correct, just so that my post will be readable and user-friendly.

Haha, autocorrect is indeed pretty evil though
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