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Firstly, welcome to the forum.

I'm sorry if it seemed that way my husband and i think that another couple might be best for us but that we don't fully know. My husband I think would be thrilled if i found a woman and was just happy with that lol but what man wouldn't be happy with two women.
This sound like you need to chat more with your husband. I'm a man, and I can think of things I've prefer over two women, especially when love is involved.

But the whole fact remains that I am bi-curious and poly- curious I haven't done either of them, Unless i was intoxicated. I think women a beautiful creatures but i have never acted on anything while i was sober and would love to be comfortable enough with someone to explore that ( I guess you could say fantasy ) with out fear of rejection or humiliation
Alcohol (and I'll assume your drug of choice is alcohol...) doesn't make you do things you'd not normally do. It lowers inhibitions and makes you do things you've less likely do.

We're all a little afraid of rejection and discomfort. That said, you're here. You seem to understand what it is that you want, at least to some level. Invite your husband in to share that. If there's a healthy dynamic within your relationship, it will help him understand who you are and what you want better. It's possible it will even make him more comfortable to express his wants with you. You yourself recognize the fear of rejection, and men feel it too. There's something really liberating and empowering about expressing what you want and finding out you're not alone in that.

Best of luck to ya!
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