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Just had my 2nd STI test last week. Got results of gonorrhea, syphilis and chlamydia yesterday. I'm clean. UPS didnt deliver my blood to the lab in time for the HIV test to work, so I had to get repoked yesterday, and now wait 2 more weeks for results.

I had a 4some with my gf, my boytoy and an ex gf of my gf's in Jan '11. Got tested in March and was clean. We used condoms for intercourse then, but I did have a little oral contact with the woman, who is a swinger and a bit sketchy. So, I am glad to know I'm still clean...

Since then, I had sex with several other people, men. (Plus my gf, with whom I am fluid bonded.) She had sex with 3 other people, just unprotected oral and hands with 2 of them, a woman and a transman (one session only) and several sessions with a guy, protected intercourse and unprotected oral.

This year, besides gf, I had sex with 3 men. With the Hottie, only 2 or 3 sessions, unprotected oral and condoms for intercourse. With the Gentleman, 2 sessions of protected intercourse and a lot of oral (he has ED and couldnt manage intercourse much).

With the Ginger, since January, lots of protected intercourse and lots of oral. My goal is to become fluid bonded with him, so I am glad I am testing clean. He is married and uses condoms with his wife of 25 years because, even though she is in her late 50s, she is still cycling. He has no other partners now (nor does his wife) and neither does my gf.

I know miss pixi and I were taking a slight risk having unprotected oral sex with others. But it seems we did OK.

I went to the STI clinic at my health clinic. It felt kind of weird, as a 56 year old woman, telling the young counselor (looked like a late 20s guy) about all the partners I've had this year. I wonder what he thought... Women of my age aren't supposed to be gettin it on with so many people! lol I'm supposed to be knitting and rocking my grandchildren. It was kind of surreal.
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