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well been with J for a little over a year and with R for 5 to 6 months, and yes they think that I was with someone else but now just with the one, J knows more and I have infact brought up to him why I just couldn't have the both of them living with me, I think I could talk to J about it but R is older and more old fashion, my family knows about the both of them my brother laughs about the whole thing thinking its all about a sexual nature, but in fact I truly love them both and sex is not a huge part, maybe with R more just because he really hasnt in 6 years and now loves to but he always asures me that he loves me for more than sex, he is the one that wants to marry me, but marriage to me is out of the question because where would that put J, I feel if I told R that I am still seeing J he would leave me altogether and that would break my heart
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