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Default I love being in love

I love to be in love and I love more then one person now, they really don't know of one another, in a sense that I do infact spend time with each of them on a nearly daily basis, one works at night and one during the day, I feel very sad that I cant have them both in my life on a more regular basis, like living together as a family, I really never new what was wrong with me and cryed serveral times a day, I thought this can't be right, a person is ment to only have one love at a time, I battled myself every second on what was right, I was watching tv one night and found a little something on about pollyamary and it explained me to the T, and then another program that same night, had to wonder if this is a sign, I now know I am not the only one in the world that feels this way, that is ok to love more then one person, but a down side to this all is I am from a small town and things like this are unheard of, I wish I could be around more people like me but fear I will never find them, now have to wonder am I always going to have to lead a double love life.
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