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Hmm, well that's disappointing. Seems there are definite limits to verbal communication. I've been impressed by learning new depths to verbal communication which can add impact to actions. But yeah, this whole emphasis on verbal communication is a bit overblown.

I also have a problem with the idea of rooting your security in self talk about how your partner won't leave you because you have value and your partner sees that. What if your partner leaving you isn't the issue? What if being in limbo land (good not great) or your partner's passion leaving you is the issue? And if most people experience NRE this way, then how can you tell yourself that someone leaving you for someone else means they just weren't right for you? What that tells me instead is that passion is temporary and serial affairs are the way of nature. Being highly desired may not be something special or unique. We all may eventually settle into being friends with benefits.
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