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Hello everyone. I prefer to be referenced by my username or as Edith. I'm a bisexual woman in my twenties. I am currently in a BDSM poly quad with one male and three females. My partners are all older than me (the closest to me in age is four years older). I have been involved in this relationship for over two years now; it is my first poly relationship. The relationship consists of myself, "Mika," "Agnes" and "Margo."

Mika is my dominant and boyfriend. He is also in similar relationships with Agnes and Margo. He has been with Agnes two-and-a-half years, me for a little over two years, and Margo for a few months now. Agnes, Margo and I consider ourselves to be sisters in our poly family.

Agnes is my first sister. She was originally in a relationship with Mika when I joined as a third member. She and I were also originally together; we formed a triad. For a large portion of the relationship we experienced a lot of conflict. We have been together and broken up twice, along with maintaining different levels of contact over time. There is possible potential for a relationship of some kind again in the future, but it is currently not manifested. Currently we are sisters and close friends.

Margo is the newest member to our family, joining us only a few months ago. She moved from another state to join us. There are still a lot of adjustments going on with her still. She is in relationships with Mika and Agnes. She and I are sisters, close friends and casual sexual partners.

Now and again we, either as a group or individuals, will maintain casual relationships with outside partners. Currently there are none.

Mika, Agnes and Margo all live together. I live separately. I am there a few of days a week. All of us generally hang out together when I am there, but Agnes and I do not stay nights together. She stays with her family while I am with Mika. Margo will split her nights between Agnes and Mika and I.
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