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it's absolutely true that no one can be their role ALL of the time. I know I can't either. Too many kids! HAHA.

In regards to GG-it's a time thing. Another month and the regular school year will start, and we'll be back to having our 5 mornings a week together. But, its wearing on me. It's been 1 morning a month or 0 since April. We're both feeling it. He commented on it this evening too.
There's no doubt we're still in love etc etc. It's just that we need our time and we haven't been able to have it because of his ridiculous work schedule. Such as it goes-it's temporary if highly frustrating.

As for Maca- there's always a lot going on. But, in particular this week he's been out of ADD medication which means he's running helter skelter and oblivious while simultaneously being more sensitive to anything upsetting for him. So, his insecurities are at an all time high and his attentiveness to other people's needs is at an all time low.
Fortunately, he got the prescription today, so tomorrow he should be back on his meds. It's freaking AMAZING what a difference that makes.

All of this added to the death of a friend from school 3 weeks ago, finals being next week for summer classes, and my daughters work schedule being suddenly changed this week so she needed extra help with the grandson-including two overnights.

I'm exhausted and worn out and needy.

The good news is-that all of these things is temporary (except the death) and I will get through them. The bad news it-it takes time.

"Love As Thou Wilt"
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