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Originally Posted by RunicWolf View Post
I know, right? I'm the kind of guy that would rather just go ahead and see what's under there then waste time wondering (because trust me, guys do wonder about that). Flashing does nothing but dispel my curiosity and, if anything, make it easier for me to work around you.

The fact I lean toward nudism helps, I suppose.
I love you honey and the fact that we've been able to have quite a bit of naked time this week with the boy at camp.

I am really enjoying my life today. We have an L shaped sectional and right now Runic Wolf is at one end playing Skyrim and I'm at the other on my computer while Wendigo is stretched out between us sleeping. Apparently, I wore him out this afternoon. So, it goes without saying that I enjoyed our little date this afternoon, even if we never got past the deconstructing arrowheads part.

In other non-poly news, Runic Wolf got a raise today - a whole dollar, instead of the fifty cents he was expecting. It goes into effect on Monday. I am so proud of him and happy to see that he is being appreciated at work for being the awesome man I know him to be. Work has really picked up for me this week and my boss has asked me to do her a favor and cover a shift on Saturday. She's promised me she'll remember that I accepted, which will most likely be in the form of me getting more consumers over the employee who couldn't work their scheduled shift.

So I'm going to lean back and enjoy the rest of my night with my guys and our friend who will be here for game in an hour or so, though right now listening to Wendigo sleeping is making me tired too. Maybe he wore me out more than I thought too.
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