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The renegotiation do I begin to describe this conversation me and hubby had? We talked about the many 'what ifs' revolving around her developing a preference and what we thought would be the best solution to those 'what ifs'.

As long as she is not trying to actively replace a primary we are willing to work with her needs / wants. And yes hubby and I have talked about the fact that it may mean she could eventually end up as a secondary to one of us, and If that happens the only fair thing to do is allow the left out partner the freedom to find a secondary of their own. It is a little scary thinking about it but we are realistic that it may happen and we have preemptively laid out rules for that potential situation.

But who knows she may not be interested in anything more than friendship and I am ok with that too... I can't jump too far head of things.. I got to see how this date goes first....but still its good to have a plan a, b and even c.

Oh and thank you all for giving me things to think about...I have read Ethical Slut a few times but a book does't prepare you for everything.
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