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Thanks, Annabel.

My date night ended up getting cancelled, again, due to bf being sick. So instead I spent several hours reading a book and taking some much needed chill time, since the kids were nice enough to go to bed on time with no fighting for a change.

I'm doing some work on a concept I've seen nycindie and some others post about - being my own primary. I think even though I am married and therefore in a relationship I have classed primary - if only because of the legal bond, and the familial bond of having children (meaning, I've never "ranked" emotional attachments - make sense?) - especially with everything I am going through this year, it would be very beneficial to me to be less co-dependent and focus more on taking care of myself. This would probably enable me to be a better mother, a better wife, a better girlfriend, etc etc.
"This, too, is sacred."
I am my own primary.
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