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I always told mine from the get go. Like before we even made the first date. And it would go something like this...

"Listen, I like you a lot. But you need to know I'm not looking for exclusive relationships. I actually have ____list partner(s)___ that I'm seeing. But you may not be up for that kind of dating situation. I want to respect your wants, so I need to tell you that up front. If it isn't your scene, that's fine. We can keep it at friends. If you are up for that, then I'd love a date."

And that's about it. I don't see the point in making things harder than need be. I didn't want to deal even in FRIENDS that couldn't accept me how I was, or accept me with my partners. If they want to know more -- how serious are the other partners? How long have I been with them, etc. I'll lay it out.

But I rather they know those cards are on the table from the get go. They don't need to know my life story, but they need to know that on there.


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