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I'm tuning in late. But I feel your pain -- I am so sorry you are hurting.

This basically sounds like a break up conversation and you have zero interest in working anything out.

If so, just don't bother to list the grievances. Air them out where you need to air them out for your own healing with safe people.

But don't let this unsafe person know they got to you that deeply. Simply state that you don't want to be in relationship with them any more because they keep crossing boundaries.

Giving an unsafe person more insight into your pain? Why? So they can continue to make you feel unsafe emotionally and hurt you some more?

I prefer breakups happen with more grace and closure, but that requires the other party have some decorum. I'm not getting the vibe this party is that type. It's best then with a quick, clean break. At least on your end! so you can move it forward to a better healing place for you. THEY can hang on to the weird yucko feelings. Ugh.

Again I'm sorry this is coming down like this and that you are hurting.

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