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Originally Posted by mercury View Post
I totally agree. That's why I'm bothered by the OPP. It's sexist and implicitly says that a woman doesn't matter or "count" as much as a man.
I don't have chapter-and-verse evidence, but I suspect the OPP is an artifact of the property model of marriage, according to which marriage is a contract by which a man acquires exclusive access to a virgin uterus to guarantee the sons he raises, the sons who inherit his property, are really his.

It's patriarchy at it's purest.

(Well, there may be purer forms: religious versions of polygyny, which may grant or promise to certain members of a community - sheiks, bishops, martyrs, etc. - exclusive access to more than one virgin uterus.)

Traditionally, adultery was a property crime committed by one man against another, whereby the offender pollutes or sullies the uterus of another man's chattel-wife, risking the production of illegitimate spawn (which attitude also devalues children!)

Some of the more obvious aspects of the property model have fallen away - though the standard quip about the cow and the free milk seems to be another vestige of it - but the idea of the penis as an agent of pollution, as something that sullies or stains a woman's vagina on contact, seems to persist in the minds of many.

For someone stuck with the vestiges of this traditional mindset - and it is difficult to unlearn - another woman doesn't pose the same kind of threat.

"Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge" - Charles Darwin

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