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Default fed up part two:meeting tonight to talk

me, oh, bf and gf are meeting tonight to talk, bf isn't happy about oh and gf dating and we are planning on talking tonight, I have written a list of problems, which I will include in this message:

My problems

1.the lies to keep you and gaz together and will lie to keep your relationship happy shouldn't have slept with my bf if you knew you were going to fall in love and you should have stepped back to get rind of your feelings.(we meet though a swinging site and me and bf can't handle their relationship and we wasn't asked what we wanted to do) overstep the mark: examples:
telling me that you wouldn't mind getting pregnant with oh's child and bf would happily bring up that baby as long as he got to be a father, (not true) you didn't think to ask me about how I felt about it? Or oh or have you already spoke about this and planned it?
oh thinks you are this prefect vision and can't do anything wrong and because he loves you and won't give you up, we are close to breaking up
when my children ask me something and say mummy, why do you answer, my son (who has autism) is already confused about this situation and you are just making it worst.
4.Your relationship with oh is selfish, you knew how upset I was yesterday but you fucked oh anyway and showed him my messages, wouldn't text me in the daytime but you could text oh and you tell oh you are upset, well of course you are, I am in the way so I am not going to be anymore, it is clear oh doesn't want to lose you and I can't stand being second best, I tried to do a middle ground, oh and gf take a break from sex, loving message etc but oh doesn't want to do this so we are breaking up so you have him all to yourself now and not me! say you can't meet without having sex with oh so you can get it out the way but you text him asking for sex, but you won't sleep with me everytime because I respect you but you enjoy oh pushing your boundaries
do I need to add anything or keep anything out. please help

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