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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
No, I was reacting to the word LET, as if it is really up to the guy. A woman is in charge of her own vagina, her own heart. Now, if she agrees to an OPP and really wants things that way, fine. But the man dictating what the woman can and cannot do... nuh-uh.

What an OPP also does is discounts the value of a woman's love for another woman. The guys are like, "it's okay, you can be with another chick, that's hot but won't really count 'cause it isn't like you'll really fall in love and leave me for her or anything." The perceived threat of another penis is based in fantasy/illusion, but so is the idea that another vagina cannot be just as much of a threat as a penis is.
I totally agree. That's why I'm bothered by the OPP. It's sexist and implicitly says that a woman doesn't matter or "count" as much as a man.
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