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While ive been away on holiday, without my partners ive communicated with my girlfriend about my needs. She seems alot more open to helping me. Ive said that at times i feel lonely and vunerable and on the outer of this relationship and often worried i am intruding on their relationship. I have said that i could seek new relationships outside our triad to help fillfull my needs and be less needy of them. My bf does not want it that way, he feels that becos of the love we have for each other he would find it too hard. So my gf is willing to make important changes to help me feel like an equal, rather than a secondary. Now i need help from any of you with what to ask for. What i want is to feel as important to both of them as they are to me. I want to be able to rely on them when i need them. I dont want my bf feeling guilty when i with him alone. I just want to feel needed as well as loved and its hard to feel needed when i know they have each other to meet each others needs. If anyone can understand what i am saying i could really do with some help with the right words to say to my gf
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