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Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post
It's a possibility, but of course depends on those involved. Some people like to explore bisexuality specifically, so they only want to venture out with same-sex partners as they've already found their opposite-sex partners. But others are primarily heterosexual, and my not find the satisfaction they're looking for in same-sex relationships.

If a woman is in a OPP marriage, and she's dating other men but not sleeping with them, most of those men will eventually lose interest for milkier cows. That may eventually cause her to become frustrated with the arrangement.

All of this can be compounded if the OPP is a double-standard, where the wife is expected to bring home other women for threesomes. Naturally that can upset the balance of things.
The thing about bisexual women is that...even if she, the bisexual woman, has a primary partner who is male and is satisfied with him, and thus, she puts herself out there as "looking for women to date" (both because she'd like a woman and because it is less a jealousy issue for her primary male partner) there's no guarantee that some cool guy isn't gonna come along and attract her anyway.

She is, after all, attracted to both males and females. Attraction can't be controlled entirely. Sure, you can put on some dating site that you're "looking for women," but you are actually attracted to men too, and you might find yourself attracted to one in real life.

I know of a woman who is in this situation. She's bisexual and was looking for women (she already has a boyfriend), but...she by chance met another guy who she really connected with. Fortunately, her boyfriend said he was okay with it (although I don't know how it's played out because it is only just starting). I know quite well that someone saying "That's fine, date him/her" in the beginning is much different from how they sometimes freak out once you start having sex and an actual relationship with the secondary person.

But the point is, I think it's unfair for bisexual women to have to restrict themselves to only women just to soothe the primary male's ego. Sure, she may herself WANT a girlfriend and not so much another boyfriend. But there are probably plenty of bisexual women who do find themselves attracted to a guy other than the main boyfriend. What to do then? Not go for it just because of the OPP? I think it's kind of ridiculous.

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