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Originally Posted by turtleHeart View Post
For me it's mostly that I want to quickly filter out anyone that isn't ok with my relationship structure. Beyond that, I see it as unfair to the person being asked out to have them spend their time getting to know someone only to find out they weren't as available as they'd thought.
Hmm, well, I like meeting people and getting to know them whether it turns into a romance or not, so I wouldn't think it was a waste of time. No one goes on a date just assuming it will definitely lead to a relationship, do they? For me, the revelation of having multiple partners is part of what is discussed WHILE getting to know someone, but doesn't have to happen beforehand. And sometimes the conversation doesn't go that way until the third date, or maybe until we've had sex a few times already. It all depends on the person and the vibe we have together. If it turns out he wants only monogamy with a monogamous partner, oh well, at least we had some interesting conversations and fun times. That's worth it in my book. But I'm weird - I think going out on dates can actually be fun.
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