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morning everyone., oh was with gf last night, he said he wouldn't have sex but of course he did, gf didn't reply to my message but she knew how upset i was but she slept with him anyway, I said to oh if you had to chose between me and her who would you pick, he begrudging said me but if I made him pick he would resent me forever, I am seeing gf and bf again tonight ( I saw bf last night and he is also not happy about their relationship) I can't be with oh while he is with her, I suggested he have a break from gf, no lovely messages, cuddles or sex and he ignored me, I don't want to see gf anymore, she has done so much and now she is spiting us up.

me and bf have a good thing going, we hang out, cuddle, chat and confide in each other but we are like very good friends and we are working on that atm, he isn't happy with some of the things gf and my oh have done but he doesn't know what to do
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