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this used to be a common problem for me, til I figured out the best way to nip it in the bud

i meet someone im interested in, havent been introduced yet, so when introductions come i smile, and introduce myself while staing i'm poly have 2 current loves and add soemhting flirtatious if im feeling inspired to do so

then its out there, they know right away, some may ask what exactly that means, some have given me a quite astounded and perhaps offended look and not spoke to me again, and some simly smile and tell me about their loves

in future i strongly suggest blurt it out immediately after meeting them, see where their reaction falls, if nothing else it shoudl get rid of the riff raff fairly quickly, those wanting affairs won't liek the bluntness, and those loving your honesty will be intrigued to talk more

is this current fellow doesnt care for the idea, well maybe time to walk away and find somene new, or if you wanna make it work them keep talkign to him explain what polt is why it works for you and how it can work for him to if he wants to try, good luck to you in whatever you do
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