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I do poly. I don't swing.

There are folks who are like me in that regard. There are also swingers who don't do poly. To claim that the two are the same thing directly contradicts the experience of the people actually living their lives. That some people do both doesn't change that.
And what about a middle ground?

What about having an open and close relationship with your partner's family w/out taking it to the level that "the lines of distinction between the "old" pair and the "new" pair are completely blurred"?

My relationship with my guy was not swinging. It was an open poly relationship, acknolwedged by his wife. But I was not another parent to his kids. I was not "blurred" into their family. They were a primary family and I was his secondary partner.

Are you saying that my relationship doesn't quality for "poly" and I'm just a swinger trying to "upgrade" my relationship?
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