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Funny thing about being the lady in our MFM...despite years of opportunities and a really deep friendship, I never dared do anything with T and E because I thought they were together.

Boy was I wrong.

Boy was I right.

When T made his move with me, it instantly blew up the friendship between him and E and my friendship with E was collateral damage. Thus began a period now known as "The Great Unhappiness."

Why did everything go so wrong when everyone was supposedly single?

Well, throughout the years, T and E had been mildly intimate and T's growing interest in me had caused E intense stress to the point of blowing everything up and firing T and I as friends. (Or at least trying his hardest to.)

From the very beginning, E asked for something with both of us. I was open to it but I knew that T was not there yet. It took about two months of complete emotional hell for all of us to get to the same place and say, "Well, doing a polyandry thing might make it so that we can all stay friends."

So, on our long-way around the barn journey, yes. I love it that my guys are at least still very good friends and, if not entirely "in" love with each other, can love and care for each other. I'm out of town on business pretty frequently, and they sleep in the same bed at home while I'm gone just as they did before I arrived on the scene.

I think the double-standard might exist because of all the hype about women's sexuality being fluid, like a river, between the sexes and men's being more fixed. Also, that study that said that bisexual men don't exist except, whoops, who did the researcher end up interviewing and following? A bunch of gay men who had responded to an ad. The research II: Electric Boogaloo is saying that, yes, Virginia, a man can be attracted to men AND ladies.
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