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Originally Posted by crisare View Post
But she did umply that if you don't feel that connection with your partner's kids or want to reinvent yourself in your partner's life, then you're not really poly, you're just a swinger.

The part that really bothered me was this:

I very very VERY strongly disagree with that. It's certainly not what *I* want in my poly relationships.
I would say it's a matter of accepting that as it's her site-she can write her opinions anyway she wants. But yes-it's ALWAYS (as evidenced repeatedly in the last week on THIS site) beneficial to use the method of giving "I believe" "My opinion" "my sense" or "my experience" as a preface to what is your belief, opinion, sense or experience has shown you.

Personally I find that my life is so totally different from most people I meet on here in regards to "identifying with my children" that it's moot to even point out.
My highschool "friends" remain today father figures to my 18 year old daughter though we've all "grown up" and married and moved away. It's the nature of humanity that we relate differently to others based on our experiences.
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