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Default NRE Ruined My Sex Life...

I have been poly for a year now, on my second extramarital relationship. We are running into the same issues that ended it for my last relationship. (Only this time I am on the other side of it, which is helpful for learning.) My question is this: How do you deal with NRE in your other partner? I am still feeling NRE for my beau, but he has fallen for another woman already. I love it, but he can't seem to focus on me when we are together. We have stopped having sex because he is so distracted by his thoughts of her (he has to tell her he is in love with her and fears her reaction). I am trying to be supportive of his stress, but I feel unsupported in mine. How is poly suppose to work if people only can focus on one person at a time?

Any insights would be great, as this issue is tearing us apart, it seems.
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