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1. Do those "pangs" ever go away completely? If we're talking about jealousy, than yes, I like to think they do. After fourteen years of being together, I no longer get jealous about anything Runic Wolf does.

2. Do you share the details of whether you've kissed/what you've done/what the kiss/sex/whatever was like? Occasionally. Though we also occasionally have threesomes, so its not like there is alot to tell.

3. Does one activity bother you more than others? i.e. sex/kissing/love/dating often? nope

4. Do you expect to meet your primary's dates? I met Runic Wolf's last girlfriend, but that was because their first date went really well and their second date was our local poly meet up. Generally, I end up meeting anyone he's seeing, but it's not a requirement unless they are going to be spending alot of time at our house around our son.

5. Do you have limits on the amount of times per week that you see secondaries? Not intentionally. Wendigo can't drive at the moment and my car isn't working, so we only see each other a couple of times a week, usually before or after practice or game night. It's been a while since we've had a planned date that wasn't around another reason he'd be coming down here, but that is for practical reasons (gas and time that I need to be home by)

6. Do you operate a "I'll do (x activity - date/kiss/sleep with) then tell you" - or do you operate "I'd like to do (x) - would you be ok with it?" Since we're down to one car, we do ask if it'd be okay to take the car for a date and initially, I asked Runic Wolf if he'd be okay with Wendigo and I transitioning to a FWB relationship, but once we've established that we're seeing someone we don't need to ask first, but we do have a rule about telling each other if we've had sex with someone.

7. Do you have a veto rule? Do you agree with vetoing? [COLOR="purple"]IWe used to have a veto rule, but now we just have a respect rule. I am pretty sure that Wendigo and Pretty Lady don't have a veto either. Though I am Wendigo's only other partner. I only agree with a veto if the relationship is compromising the mental or physical health or one or more people in the relationship or if the relationship is causing confusion or harm to any children involved. I vetoed Runic Wolf's first girlfriend 7 years ago because of those reasons.[COLOR="Purple"]

8. What is the biggest stress for you in poly? (possessiveness, jealous, threat, guilt, time constraints, etc) I'd have to say time constraints and guilt equally. I would love to have more alone time with Wendgio, but it just isn't possible to get in more than an hour or two. I also feel guilty at times for having a long term relationship, when Runic Wolf struggles to find one for himself.

9. What is the difference, for you, between acting in a poly way, and acting in a single way?
It's been forever since I was single, but I guess it would be consideration. I have more people who count on me, who I feel that I owe explanations to for my behavior, so it keeps me in check more than anything could when I was single.
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