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Hubby and I have been discussing this for 6 years now. Together for 10. The first time we tried anything, we were "Unicorn Hunters", and it failed miserably. Resulted in a lot of hurt feelings and tension. Now, we've discussed openly and honestly, and we both feel we have been poly all along. We just don't have feelings for the OSO we would choose for ourselves, haha (who knew, right ). I'm very blessed to have a very loving hubby who loves to love. I just can't handle it all on my own. He's more feminine that I need at times. I'm more masculine than he needs at times. We are still new to this, just starting out, but we feel a wonderful new happy energy with each other, gratitude and love and acceptance. I enjoy helping him search through online personals, and he enjoys helping me. I see him in a new light and I think he does me, as well Obviously it won't be this way forever, but I am happy that we both can be honest with each other about what we need and want
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