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But she did umply that if you don't feel that connection with your partner's kids, then you're not really poly, you're just a swinger.
Yeah, I suppose that's what bothered me there too. I am childfree. I don't want kids. So to me, "children" are merely another aspect to my life, like my hobbies, my friends, my pets, my career and so on.

My wife doesn't give a damn about my hobbies, other than that they interest me. I don't expect her to.

So when I see this "Swingers wouldn't care about your kids", it seems as if they exalt children above other aspects of a person's life. Everyone has different value sets, and I can see why people WOULD care about their children more than other things, but none of the people I relate to (and I'm not even referring to sex partners here) care about every aspect of my life that I do. I think it's rather rude to imply that because they don't care about a specific one, they're any different than someone who disregards another aspect of it.

Thanks for helping me clarify, crisare.
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