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Men and Women are different. It's true. Oh sure there are exceptions, men who think more like women, women who think more like men.

Men are less likely to want to be tied down. It sounds like he's found the ideal arrangement for him: he gets the love and romance of a relationship, without the risk of being roped in for marriage and kids.

He has someone to call "his girlfriend" without having to be tied down to her, since you're not tied down to him. He gets to live the life of a bachelor, which he loves, without having to answer to anyone. But he still gets the convenience of a girlfriend, who likes him enough to make herself available whenever he desires to find the time.

No offence, but he doesn't really sound anything like WhatHappened is in the same situation at all... she wants to settle down with a family, which is not what C wants. He's had that, it wasn't for him.

At this point, I would start making myself feel less attached to him, and enjoy the time you have together for what it is: good times that come and go.
I don't need labels to define me. They're sticky and I hate the glue they leave behind.

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