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Yikes. I hate for this to be my first post - but my husband cheated on me. And yes, I found out. And the lies left a giant gaping wound and have nearly destroyed a 12 year marriage. He didn't know how to tell me he was poly, and tried to keep it a secret. It didn't work.

I am open to trying a poly lifestyle, because it is important to him and I want him to be happy. We have some mutual rules, just to make sure we're on the same page while I take baby steps.

By far the biggest obstacle for me in being poly is the damage to our trust that the cheating caused. If we had known better and been honest from the beginning, we'd be SO much farther along! I'm sure we'd have fewer rules, and fewer tears, and less negative emotion from me - but I'm damaged and don't quite function correctly these days. My husband never thought I would agree, and the heartache turns out to have been for nothing.

I really really encourage you to try honesty. You might be pleasantly surprised. I hope for the best for you!
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