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Default What triggers jealousy for you?

Although poly people probably experience less jealousy (or deal with it more effectively) than mono people, jealousy is still very real for many poly people. It's probably different from mono jealousy though; I know it is for me.

When trying to explain the way I get jealous to mono friends, I like to use what I call the cake analogy. In the analogy, "couple behavior" with someone (in a relationship or otherwise) is symbolized by a cake. If I'm interested in that person, it's an amazingly delicious chocolate fudge cake. If I have a slice of cake, and I'm happy with the size of my slice, I don't have any problem sharing the rest of the cake with other people. However, if I'm not allowed to have any delicious cake and there's someone eating some in front of me going "this cake is amazing", I get angry and jealous.

I wonder this type of jealousy is common among poly people or not.

What kind of situations trigger jealousy in you? How do you deal with it when it does happen?
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