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Originally Posted by Daffodil View Post
My husband will get over it. He always does. Although he cares about her, she is his secondary. He will still have me.

The problem is, there is nothing wrong with her character. She is everything he enjoys and appreciates in a woman, attributes that I can't offer, and I guess the fear is that he would prefer being with her than being with me.

The only advantage is that I won't have to see this woman and the effect that she has on my husband and I can sleep better at night knowing that he's home with me rather than enjoying her.

I realize that I sound selfish and perhaps I am, but it's MY marriage. Not hers. I need to protect that in whichever way I can.

Wow. Aren't you just a treasure?

Please explain WHY you are in a poly relationship when clearly you are too insecure to handle this new love in a mature way?

You're right. She does offer him more ; less selfishness and more sincerity for starters.

You should find a forum for Managing Open Relationships/Swinging. This forum is not the place for you.

Good luck.