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Originally Posted by dragonflysky View Post
Can you learn to accept or make peace with his need/desire/perception of you as jealous, needing reassurance, etc.?????

I'm wondering if he has some kind of need to turn the focus back on you so as to take attention off from the fact that he knows he's making poor choices related to this woman???
I think those are great points you make. And, I've been thinking about your first question in relation to what Cindie wrote below. I don't think I can make peace with it. It bothers me too much.

Originally Posted by nycindie View Post

Maybe this isn't the LDR, or just plain relationship, for you. I think, when the scales tip in the direction of being less fun and satisfactory and too much work for too little reward, then perhaps the relationship is over.
That thought has started to work its way into my mind and it's nice to see it written out. What's hard is that this was a great relationship for so long. I haven't really had to end a relationship for years and years. Most of the ones I've been in lately have ended on a mutual note -- someone moves, the timing stops being right, etc.

Perhaps I'll make one more effort to get to the reasons he's doing it. But, yeah, too much effort, esp. since we see each other in person so infrequently.
"Love takes off masks that we fear we cannot live without and know we cannot live within."James Baldwin
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