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So... Last night, I told a woman I've been talking to (we met on OkCupid) that I have HPV. This made Keith wonder whether or not he should tell women he may potentially date that he is probably a carrier.

On one hand, he doesn't KNOW, and there is no definitive way for him to find out.

On the other, the likelihood is pretty darn high since it's obviously been active in my system and we have unprotected sex.

What are everyone's feelings on this? Once again, I'm conflicted... The woman I told took it very well, as has everyone I've told in the past, but it's so hard for him to find women who are poly or open to it in the first place that it seems harsh to have to throw another thing out there that would make him seem undesirable.

I know doctors say it isn't really necessary to tell CASUAL partners, but what about potential long term lovers? When does a guy bring it up? Or should he?
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