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I am Vanessa...I am new to this website...42 years a mono relationship, with a few yearly attempts down the swingers road, but that isn't the lifestyle we are looking for. We are both bi-sexual, my partner isn't as forward with that statement as I am. We have lived a mostly, peaceul and serene life for the past 11 binds us together. We both have two daughters from previous relationships who love each other immensely....I feel as if his daughters were born from my heart. We are now looking into polyamory as there is so much we wish to share with at least one other, we are open to a man or woman, but want to feel a common bond of loving another together...not just physically, but emotionally as well. We want to add another dimension to our daily lives, a new memeber to our family, a traveling companion, literally and figuritively! Just beginning this journey, hoping it will prove to be a harmonious, beautiful trip!
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